Ventures & Clients



Gasliter was a wonderful opportunity for Barista to give back. With significant financial troubles in 2015 and with most of its business seasonal, Gasliter was in a tough position. After Barista Ventures took over, it was able to survive what should have been a rough summer, only to have its best winter yet. Gasliter provides replacement ignition modules for ovens and heating units nationally. Gasliter experienced over 50% annual growth after its first year under Barista.



A wholly owned property, BomBox is a subscription service for everyone’s favorite bath accessory–bath bombs! Founded by Barista’s own Matthew Brown, BomBox is quickly becoming the go to gift item for the woman who has it all, or who just wants to treat herself! BomBox relies on smart ordering and next generation fulfillment to bring a low price point, and quality product direct to the consumer.



Caterly is a focused and professional office catering solution. Choose from hundreds of restaurants, and our team of professionals will personally deliver to your office or group gathering. It is as simple as that. We know that professionalism and punctuality are what matters in catering. Let Caterly deliver to you!



Brokenbox is the solution to the age old “where do you want to eat for dinner?” question. Brokenbox uses group filtering to bring patrons a custom list of available local authentic cuisines in their area. Brokenbox is available on iOS and coming soon to Android.