Smoot Carter, a Yale grad, is an entrepreneur who is no stranger to the growing on-demand marketplace. After successfully launching Blownaway, an app that connects Dallas and Fort Worth locals with hair and makeup stylists, Carter looks to tackle the in-office catering space with Caterly. Carter launched a new website that aims to connect local restaurants with businesses in need of catered meals. The service offers affordable rates for companies with a minimum of $25 to start, and promises free delivery. Caterly is preparing to unveil a new service called Caterly Week that will offer weekly meal plans. Despite on-demand services becoming more available, and fierce competition to draw customers, Carter aims for the untapped in-office catering space. Already active in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Atlanta, offices are taking advantage of Caterly’s service and providing their employees with a variety of restaurants. To learn more about Smoot Carter and Caterly, check out the LaunchDFW coverage.