Parents facing the world with their children on the autism spectrum are often confronted with the harsh reality of a world not suited for their children. Technology is helping to bridge the divide, and helping therapists connect with autistic children in ways previously unimaginable. MedPage writes about one such tool,  RoboKind, a teaching tool that helps children diagnosed with autism learn how to self-motivate, express empathy, and better understand social situations.

The robot, named Milo, is an unassuming 22-inches tall, sports a futuristic body suit, and a funky hairstyle.  Children with autism engage more readily with robots, creating the opportunity to build a bond with Milo. The children are able to learn from Milo because they are engaged with him, and he is just one more tool in the therapist arsenal to help children with autism learn how to live well. To read more about Milo, and learn about how Milo is helping children with autism, more information can be found at MedPage.