Meet Robokind Robots, one of Dallas’s most impressive young companies. Robokind is a 6-year old company started by co-founders Richard and Fred Margolin.  Currently Robokind has several different lines of robots, including Robots4Autism, RoboSteps, and Robots4Seniors. Robots4Autism and Robosteps are both used in different school systems for kids, while Robots4Seniors is targeted for nursing homes, hospice care, and assisted living facilities.

Robots4Autism is used for special needs students with autism. Instead of talking to the child, the robot interacts with them, shows educational videos on its chest, and becomes a mirror, so the kids can see themselves and practice facial expressions with the robot.

RoboSteps is used in the STEM field. It uses robots, avatars, and animation to educate the kids in computer science, coding, programming, and robotics.

Robots4Seniors uses the interactive robot to interact with seniors, and play educational brain games, exercise with them, as well as sing and read. The purpose is to assist and preserve the cognitive and social skills that seniors already possess.

What sets these robots apart from others on the market, is the ability for the robot to be fully facially expressive. This is important as it can teach students with autism about different expressions and social cues, teach STEM students unique kinds of programming, and can bring senior citizens amusement and encourage them to stay in motion. The potential for this company using robots to enrich and educate humans, is limitless.