Capital Factory Accelerator helps bring Primal Sensors to life. Originally founded by Jerry King and Andrew Davis, Primal Sensors is a long-range RF device that tracks individuals and supplies for event organizations.

“We joined Capital Factory because of access to resources,” King reveals through a Q&A with Capital Factory. “There are so many things that a young company needs to get out in the market and get going,”

Since joining the startup co-work space, Primal Sensors has expanded their vision to include commercial construction sites. Their device can help companies eliminate loss of supplies and cut time spent on searching for misplaced items. Primal Sensors was introduced to several construction companies with the help of other entrepreneurs that saw value in this work.

“As new entrepreneurs, we need a sounding board,” King continues.

With ongoing support from Mentors, Primal Sensors continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Check out Capital Factory for more on Primal Sensors interview.