PICKUP is a new ride-sharing app for hauling items. Founded by Brenda Stoner, PICKUP employs those who own trucks and connects them with people who need to move items too large for a car or SUV. As long as the delivery is within 10 miles and doesn’t take longer than 45 minutes, the app is cost effective for users at a flat rate of $45. To further ease the mind of customers, each delivery is insured up to $20,000.

“People know that Texas guys who drive pick-ups are good guys,” Stoner told CBS DFW. Most of the drivers for PICKUP, called Good Guy Drivers, are firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and military veterans who are looking for another source of income. Since their launch, PICKUP has already completed 300 runs, and they are looking to expand outside the DFW metroplex. Check out CBS DFW local coverage on the new mobile startup company.