At the 2016 December Dallas New Tech, Matthew Tyler talked about his newest project, Caterly. Led by Smoot Carter, the new on-demand service for in-office catering has experienced tremendous growth since their launch. Boasting clients such as The Dallas Cowboys, Interstate Batteries, and Gold’s Gym. Caterly has successfully reached its target market of office executive assistants and managers who are looking for a way to feed their office workers on a dime. Caterly’s service offers a wide variety of local restaurants for event planners to choose at affordable rates. Already active throughout most of North Texas and Atlanta, Georgia region, the on-demand platform reports a 17-24% profit margin per order. Caterly continues to grow each month as more companies partner with them. In the business world, companies need to fed their employees quickly, and Caterly helps met that demand. Check out Tyler’s talk at DNT and the coverage for more about Caterly.