Joshua Stramiello is the founder of BEVscore, an app developed after family friend and realtor, Beverly Carter, was murdered after showing a house to a potential client.  While the tragic news was met with national headlines, Stramiello turned his personal tragedy into action. He explained to the audience at Dallas New Tech, the app is meant to keep those who regularly interact with strangers safe.

BEVscore was specifically developed for three markets, realtors, those who engage in online dating, and those who utilize the Craigslist platform.  Each of these markets interact with strangers with no surefire way to keep themselves safe.  Now, with BEVscore, it is possible to authenticate the identity of the person that is being met through the information on their drivers license and through GPS geolocation technology.

The app doesn’t stop there; after the BEVscore user meets the other person, after the meeting is set the app follows up to ensure safety of the user.  BEVscore then goes on to follow up in order to build a character score of the individual that was met.  To see how BEVscore works, and to listen to Stramiello talk about this labor of love, please follow this link to LaunchDFW’s coverage.